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Conference cancelled

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Conference/ Prowitec-Seminar “#ResponsibleWriting: Challenges for Schools, Higher Education, Academia, Companies and other Organizations” at the Copenhagen Business School (February 15th -16th, 2018) for various reasons (lack of interest, personal and logistical challenges).


We try to organize a mini-symposium, stream, round table or challenge lab as part of an established conference (e.g. European literacy Summit in Portugal, the next writing of SIG in Belgium or the next EATAW) instead to be able continue the work with this topic. Imho the topic is just too important to just to disappear from our agendas.


Let’s keep in touch.


Best wishes from Copenhagen





NB: Expanded deadline for submitting abstracts: October 31st!

The 12th prowitec-Symposium on #Responsible Writing: Challenges for Schools, Higher Education, Companies and Organizations” will take place in 2018 (February 15th -16th) at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen.

Participation fees

Registration for conference (including registration, conference material and VAT, but also cold and warm beverages, fruit and cake/ cookies. Lunch is not included, but can be bought at the cafeteria):

500 DKK (ca. 68 €)

(250 DKK (ca. 34 €) for students, young scientists (Phd. students etc.) and people without regular income).

Conference dinner:

300 DKK (ca. 41€)
Invitation / Call for Papers

English call for papers

Deutschsprachiges Call for Papers

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via prowitec@cbs.dk.


CU in Copenhagen!


Dagmar Knorr (Leuphana University of Lüneburg; prowitec)

Karl-Heinz Pogner (Copenhagen Business School; K1; prowitec)

Anders Rendtorff (RelationsPeople; K1)

(contact: prowitec@cbs.dk )  


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