Invitation / Call for papers: #ResponsibleWriting 2018

Conference cancelled


Unfortunately we had to cancel the Conference/ Prowitec-Seminar “#ResponsibleWriting: Challenges for Schools, Higher Education, Academia, Companies and other Organizations” at the Copenhagen Business School (February 15th -16th, 2018) for various reasons (lack of interest, personal and logistical challenges).


We try to organize a mini-symposium, stream, round table or challenge lab as part of an established conference (e.g. European literacy Summit in Portugal, the next writing of SIG in Belgium or the next EATAW) instead to be able continue the work with this topic. Imho the topic is just too important to just to disappear from our agendas.


Let’s keep in touch.


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Challenges for Schools, Higher Education, Academia, Companies and other Organizations

Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School

February 15th -16th, 2018

(Warming up: February 14th, 2018)

Presenting facts and positions of others in a correct and verifiable manner is one of the cornerstones of academic rigor and scientific honesty as well as the widely accepted standard of academic behavior and integrity taught within the framework of good academic practice at universities. This includes taking responsibility for one’s own text production and reception behavior. These competencies and skills are introduced in schools and high schools and further developed in Higher Education. Current phenomena like “fake news” and their massive spread in social media, or “alternative facts”, i.e. misrepresentation of facts or choosing deliberately a one-sided perspective and ignoring and omitting other perceptions and viewpoints, have nevertheless invaded and spammed our information and communication systems – often without being identified or checked anymore.

This context leads to a number of challenges and questions which arise about the topic of “responsible writing” and which we want to investigate, to reflect on and to discuss at the 12th Prowitec Symposium. The Prowitec Symposium offers a forum for stakeholders from politics, business, communication, media and education for discussing current issues in the areas of coping with texts and producing texts and written communications:

  • How is trust produced in organizations, companies, public institutions by means of texts? Which requirements and skills does this trust building demand from text producers? How to handle “bullshit” and “fake”?
  • How can companies and other organizations become more robust to attacks or alternative interpretations of the ‘truths’ about them?
  • How can organizations shape their (written) communication in order to counteract individual insecurity, which can be seen at different levels of society, and to contribute to societal and democratic resilience?
  • What does it mean to be responsible towards your audience?
  • What challenges do companies, organizations and other institutions meet today and in the future when it comes to embed honesty as a crucial value in the (written) communication of the organization and its employees. Furthermore what challenges do they see consider as helpful when it comes to establishing trust in their internal and external communication?
  • What influences have social media on written communication on our reception behavior?
  • How do we cope with the new situation? How can we cope, how should we cope?
  • What impact does media usage patterns have on the responsible writing activities?
  • What pedagogical concepts do already exist or have to be developed to foster and support critical reading and thinking in dealing with facts delivered and positions taken by others?
  • In which way should we shape or change the contextual framework (conditions circumstances) in order to be able to anchor critical thinking and responsible writing in education, the corporate world, and in the workplace?

We will deal with these issues in two different formats:

  • Research paper sessions:

20 min. presentation + 10 min. discussion

An abstract of maximum 4,000 STUs (characters including spaces) has to be submitted latest on September 30th.

  • Workshops / Challenge Labs:

Those of you, who would like to present and discuss his/her ideas and questions, will have the opportunity to do so during workshops in small clusters. At the labs the participants present a challenge from their everyday (work) live in the area of “Responsible Writing” and try to find solutions together with 5 to 6 colleagues.

For the Challenge Lab workshop an abstract of max. 4,000 STUs (characters including spaces) must be submitted latest on September 30th. The challenge  paper should include the following points:


  • What challenge do you want to bring to the table to be discussed and solved by the lab group? What input do you want from the lab group?
  • What is your perspective on the challenge?
  • What could be solutions?
  • How to start change in the direction of the solution?

At the symposium we form clusters of 5-6 participants to present the challenge (max. 5 min.)  and discuss both challenges and possible solutions.

English as Lingua Franca is our common working language at the symposium. We shall also practice translanguaging in order to exploit all existing linguistic resources and to facilitate and foster the best possible understanding.

We are looking forward to contributions from education, research and teaching, media, politics and business, and to exploring and discussing responsible writing together with you at the 12th Prowitec Symposium.

Important dates:

31-10-2017 extended deadline for the submission of abstracts

15-11-2017 feedback on the decision on the acceptance of abstracts

Pls. submit your abstract here:  Submission of abstract.


Details on registration procedures will be announced asap.

Participation fees

Registration for conference (including registration, conference material and VAT, but also cold and warm beverages, fruit and cake/ cookies. Lunch is not included, but can be bought at the cafeteria):

500 DKK (ca. 68 €)

(250 DKK (ca. 34 €) for students, young scientists (Phd. students etc.) and people without regular income).

Conference dinner

300 DKK (ca. 41 €)


Vi ses i København!

Dagmar Knorr (Leuphana University of Lüneburg; prowitec)

Karl-Heinz Pogner (Copenhagen Business School; K1; prowitec)

Anders Rendtorff (RelationsPeople; K1)

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